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Bitcoin Magazine: ShapeShift Introduces Prism’s Trustless Crypto Asset Portfolios


Nasdaq: ShapeShift Introduces Prism’s Trustless Crypto Asset Portfolios


Epicenter: #190 Erik Voorhees: Prism – The World’s First Portfolio Market Platform

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees was recently interviewed about Prism on one of the blockchain industry's leading podcasts, Epicenter: https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/epicenter-190-erik-voorhees-prism-the-worlds-first-portfolio-market-platform

Prism is Not Exposed to the Multi-Sig Initialization Vulnerability

Here at ShapeShift we've been closely monitoring Parity's multi-sig contract vulnerability. As Prism also utilizes Ethereum contracts, we believe it's important to highlight the following fact: Prism *does not* have an initialization vulnerability similar to the Parity multi-sig wallet. Smart contract security is one of our highest priorities as we build out Prism. Extensive auditing was conducted prior to the...

Which Wallets are Compatible with Prism?

Prism is built on Ethereum smart contracts. These smart contracts – essentially, specialized code that is executed on the Ethereum blockchain – require “gas” to perform their computational steps. Because Prism creation is more detailed than simply sending a transaction, the associated gas fees exceed the default setting that is provided by some Ethereum wallets. For this reason, Prism-compatible wallets...

How Prisms Live on the Ethereum Network: High-level guide by Raine Revere


Welcome to the inaugural engineering article on the Prism blog! As Lead Architect and Engineer of Prism, I hope to share my unique perspective on the engineering decisions that have gone into the platform and how it leverages the novel possibilities of decentralized smart contracts. In this introductory post, I will provide a high-level explanation of how Prisms come to...

Update on Prism Fees

Last week at Consensus we had the exciting opportunity to reveal Prism, our non-custodial portfolio platform. The response was incredible; we were hoping for 500-1000 signups, but we saw over 5,000 in the first 24-hours after the announcement. CoinDesk and Bitcoin Magazine covered the launch, DA.Capital reviewed the new product, and we were thrilled with the discussion it inspired on...

Introducing Prism: The world’s first trustless asset portfolio platform

When we started building ShapeShift in the Spring of 2014, we made an uncommon assumption at the time: that blockchains and (especially) the tokens built upon them were going to expand out in all directions. We believed this not because the world needs a thousand crypto “currencies” in the narrow sense, but because blockchain technology would enable all manner...